“50 States in 50 Days” USDGC Featured Article 6/04/2013

50 States in 50 Days

When Larry Kirk rolls into Rock Hill, S.C. in October to play the USDGC Performance Flight he will likely be completing an epic journey across the country playing 50 courses in 50 days.

However, this Technical Sergeant of the California Air National Guard needs some help in order to launch his disc golf expedition in August.

One way to assist is to purchase a special Champion Roc 3 fundraiser disc complete with custom stamp celebrating Kirk’s journey across the country. Fifty will be released at the pro shop of Discgolfunited.com Click here.

Besides the discs, you can contact Kirk or donate to his trip by visiting his website: soldieringonfordiscgolf.com Click here.

In addition, Kirk, 51, of Atwater, CA, will use proceeds from the sale of his Innova Beast signed by every World Champion as a fundraiser.

“If I could pay for it myself I wouldn’t ask a soul,” said Kirk, who estimates $6,000 in travel expenses during his disc golf odyssey.

If funding goes well, Kirk says he’ll hop a flight with the Air Force to Hawaii and Alaska in early August then he’ll return to California and his awaiting 2008 Honda Accord to drive the rest. “And it’s game on,” said Kirk, who says his mission is to spread the word of disc golf and play more courses.

This will be Kirk’s third time to hit all 50 states. Last year he tapped his retirement funds to pay for his journey which lasted from February to November – several months longer than his next attempt.

In 2001 he started collecting courses in California and came close to playing them all. Then he began branching off to other states, taking any chance to play new courses including out of state Air Force assignments and his daughter’s softball tournaments.

“It just moved forward from there,” said Kirk, who once started at 5 a.m. to play 11 courses in Phoenix.

His first attempt at all 50 states began in 2002, but took eight years to complete. When he finished in New England he was ecstatic.
“I freaking did it,” recalls Kirk, whose past Air Force duties included being a firefighter and a police officer.

According to Kirk, he’s the fourth disc golfer to play all 50 states and by doing so joined an exclusive club called the Nifty Fifty Flying Disc Golf Club led by Bill and Susan Leslie of New Mexico, who were the first to do so in 2009.

If Kirk were to complete his quest in only 50 days it would set the bar quite high for the next disc golf road warrior.

With everything already planned out Kirk is ready to get on the road. He’s got plenty of drive in him, he just needs funding.

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